Freebag® – is lightweight, flexible and provides the right support when you need it.

Suitable especially for boats and when making a beach shed.

It provides good rest, stabilizes and counteracts sea sickness. Can be used to float on the water.

Boat and leisure

Freebag was developed 15 years ago by experienced Norwegian sailors to increase stamina on long sea shipping. It’s Freebag’s flexibility, ease and multifunctional features that made it a success in the boat and leisure environment.

Hospital and health care

In cooperation with health professionals, we have developed Freebag, which is now being used in a number of Norwegian hospitals and health institutions. Freebag is superior to all other patient positioning products and provides the right support.


Loads due to work done under difficult conditions are the main cause of long-term occupational injuries and long-term sick leave. We believe we have found a new way of reducing the harmful effects of such work.

  • We have been using two freebags on our sailing boat extensively many many years, in all kind of weather sailing all around Western Europe.We would never want to miss them any more. Arend Jan Klinkhamer, Netherlands

  • Det beste jeg har brukt og jeg bruker det hver dag. Odd Andersen, Snekker, PEAB

  • Helt fantastisk burde vært standardutsyr. Sykepleier Gro Henningsen

  • Det er jo bare et spørsmål om du vil ta vare på knea dine eller ikke. Odd Andersen, snekker PEAB

  • Knestående arbeid tar hardt på knærne, og avlastningsputen er lett å bære med seg under arbeidet. Roger Hylander, Murer NCC

  • Hvis jeg hadde begynt med dette tidligere tror jeg kanskje jeg hadde ungått å ta den miniskoperasjonen. Lars Erik Lier, Flislegger Veidekke